The Beauty of Becoming

I believe that loving yourself exactly as you are and meeting yourself where you are is a revolution; one that takes support, compassion, and the integration of the mind, body, and spirit. Embodiment and devotion to your feminine genius is key to this integration.

Embodiment allows you aliveness; moment-to-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and energies. Embodiment allows you to live life with an open heart, to experience joy (and sadness) in your body, to be guided by inspiration, to trust your intuition, and to use discernment in your choices. The beauty of the divine feminine consciousness and embodying the divine feminine is learning how to ride the waves of emotion (the light and the dark) and move through the many faces of the goddess with grace and ease. 

Using the chakra system, bodywork, movement, and devotional practices, I can help you connect your thoughts and actions to your physical sensations.

As you fully inhabit yourself, you gain spiritual expansion and permission to adore yourself in every aspect of your life. It's possible to let go of trying to constrain, command, or ignore your sensations and live life from an authenticity of expression that is true power. 



In our sessions, I use a system called "Ritual Reiki" to support your mind and body and calm your nervous system while going through challenging emotional times. I combine coaching, reiki, chakra work, shamanic healing practices, and massage, to re-align and rebalance your energy on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


As a "weaver", I integrate different styles of massage with gentle stretches, long strokes, trigger point, and more subtle elements of cranial sacral. I enjoy working with the head, face and neck for those with headache or migraine issues, as well as those who want to relax and de-stress.

Soul Retrievelle sm

If you disassociate, limp through life, feel incomplete, or feel like you're missing a part of yourself that was fractured due to trauma, Soul Retrievelle can help fully or partially restore you.

"When a woman's nervous system is well tended, she is naturally seduced by life."

 - Mary Lofgren